Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Mini-Heart Attack

After work Monday I went to Joann to pick up a few items for Sew Able. As I went over to my fabrics that I buy, I saw a little sign that read "Quilter's Show Case Print's 50% off."A little piece of me died inside. I was giddy and started piling all the fabrics I possibly could onto my shopping cart. I felt like I won a lottery! WIN! SALE! Be still, my heart.

As I headed over the cut counter, people started eyeing my cart and I got embarrassed. They started asking what I was making and I reluctantly gave in and told them. Maybe because I felt like I had to defend why I had so many fabrics, or maybe because I was proud. Either way, I was getting a good deal and was too excited to think straight.

After one hour , my fabrics are all cut. Two employees had to cut all my fabric because I had so much and I would get excited with each cut and say "Let's get more!!!". Little did I know how much it would cost...

I headed over to the cash register and as she rang up my bill I started to freak out. I am a frequent customer, known by name at Joann and my bill is usually between $1-$10. As she asked me if I had any more coupons as she knows I never buy one item without a coupon, I sadly said they were on sale and cannot be combined with my VIP discount.

As my heart raced, she told me my total was $130. WHAT!? How was I about to spend that much, on fabric? She kindly told me that I saved $147.13 and that somewhat made me feel better.
Now I have a heck of a lot of sewing to do to make up this order. I better use this 3 1/2 yards of all of these fabrics! I am excited that this should limit my many of times a week I go to Joann but then that makes me sad again. The employees all said they were sad because that means they won't see me as much but I proudly told them that I'll need some zippers or something and won't be able to stay away.

Sometimes you have to spend money to have a business. I just hate spending money. Why does it have to be so painful?

To freaking out at a cash register,

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