Wednesday, July 11, 2012

There is so much more life to live

I've been thinking and dreaming lately a lot about the future. Its fun to think of where life could take you. How many children will we have? Will I ever run a full marathon? What hobbies will I have? Will I have a side job or will I be a full stay-at-home mom? What things will I enjoy when I'm in my 30's? 40's? So many possibilities. So much to think about.

Opening up my own etsy shop was a huge stretch for me. It caused me to be vulnerable. I find comfort in having a guard up and opening up a shop to make things where people pay me money was a really stressful idea. I kept thinking, "am I really good enough for this?" and "do people know I just learned to sew...watching youtube videos?" I have been really insecure about this because I want to make sure that the quality of the products I make are up to par with how they should be. I'm not professional and I need to be okay with that. I have a huge learning curve and it is pretty exciting.
Yesterday's accomplishment (pre-labeling)
So I've been dreaming and thinking what the rest of my life will bring me and I started thinking that I have so much more life to live. I need to take these leaps, be adventurous, and dream big. I need to take risks and not always take the easy route. I need to be vulnerable. I need to take more steps outside my comfort zone and stretch myself. I think the fear is that I will fail. I need to be okay with the thought of failing and be more excited about the effort and the risk. I want to learn, grow, mature and taking these baby steps are the only way to get there.

In my office I have this quote on my quote wall that says
"There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living" - Nelson Mandela
 There's so much life to live, what are you going to do with today

To dreaming big,


  1. I am SO glad you opened up your Etsy account and I know people will love them!
    You are very talented!
    To your dreams!
    Love you!

  2. This post is from SO long ago but tonight I just stumbled upon it. I bought fabric envelopes from you in 2012 - and I carry them with me EVERY SINGLE DAY. Those envlopes helped us stick to a cash budget and pay off $32K in debt. I use them religiously and they are pretty beat up and worn out, but well-loved. So thank you for your product and for making these available to others. I have since learned to sew myself, and am need in a few more that I have lost, but I came across this post while browsing Pinterest for different tutorials. Just wanted to let you know you made a difference! Take care!

    1. a few typos in there but you get what I'm saying. hopefully.