Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Review

We spent Friday night crafting/working/getting things done that we didn't have time to do during the week. I desperately wanted that day to finish my orders of the week and feel like I wasn't behind. I learned how to make my zipper pouches better and so I felt super productive and successful all night (but that quickly ended on Sunday... keep reading).

Then we woke up early slept in Saturday and headed to Tulsa to see family. I delivered my first order to my mom.
Since we had a productive Friday, my other three orders are going out this week. I'm having fun and enjoying learning more each day!

Anyways, we swam, ate some yummy food, went shopping, and then went to church, ate more and then headed back home.

Sunday afternoon I had several hours to work on my Sew Able projects, so I went to town. I mean, I was fully engaged in crafting:
I figured out how to make my own labels, made ten fabric envelopes, only to tell later that I measured them wrong! Four hours later.How does this happen? I was super disappointed and kept thinking the time, money, and production costs that occurred by that stupid error. In the end I told myself I'll never make that mistake again, and that's the only way I can look at it now. You live, you learn.

Ryan and I were trying to think of what they could still be used for but didn't come up with any great options other than other countries' bills, but still waiting to come up with a good solution.

It's just things like that that keep me humbled and I can only look at them as blessings! I'm taking it as a teachable moment and learning to not get over-confident.

To always being teachable,

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  1. It was a fabulous weekend having you all home this weekend!
    I am sorry you messed up on the measurements, but I am sure you learned a lot by the mistake!
    I love my new awesome fabric envelopes you made and can't wait to start using them!
    Great job Tera!
    You are quite the seamstress!
    Love you!