Monday, July 2, 2012


We went to Kansas City this weekend. It was awesome. So refreshing, encouraging, and just plain fun. We got there Friday night just in time for dinner. We brought our sweet Kai with us and he got to meet his cousin Tucker for the first time.
Our sweet pooches, Kai and Tucker
They had a fabulous time playing, chasing each other, stealing each others toys, etc. We stayed up late talking and Saturday morning we had a lovely breakfast outside on the backporch. We let the dogs play then we took them on a walk around the neighborhood.

After our walk, we made a plan. Can I just say that I love plans? Kyle insists on always having a plan before we do anything, and it just made me laugh. We tossed around several ideas until we decided we would go to Lifetime, guys would work out, girls would swim, and then meet up and rock climb. That's precisely what we did. The girls swam- which really meant going down the water slides 5 billion times and then jumping in the pool every billionth time we slid. I love my nieces.

Then we went rock climbing.
Lifetime in Kansas City has this amazing rock wall with several areas you can climb, and even provides shoes if you don't own your own!
I must be a big wus because I am still  throbbing with pain. We had a blast though, scaling the walls, attempting to be as good as the little ones. It is quite surprising what good climbers little kids can be!

After rock climbing we went to their "neighborhood pool." It technically is across the street from their neighborhood and a city pool, but this is not the type of city pool I grew up going to! Sure there were diving boards, and swimming laps and slides, but not your average slides. One slide was about 10 feet long and you can go down with tubes that they provide! Then there is another slide that is windy and up on a grassy hill. So cool! Then there's the beachy area for kids to play in the sand and the zero depth entrance. My sister and her husband and I were talking about how much pools have changed since when we were kids.

After spending hours swimming, climbing, working out, eating, etc, we decided it was probably time to check on our furry babies. They played some more and then we went to out to dinner for bbq. Kansas City is known for their incredible bbq so naturally we made a plan that that was where we would go. The ironic thing was they wanted to go to a place called Oklahoma Joes.

My heavenly meal. Carolina- pulled pork with cole slaw sandwich with a side of smoked chicken gumbo. Be still my heart.
Dinner was to die for. We found out that Oklahoma Joes originated in Stillwater, OK which was just an unexpected coincidence. After dinner, we were stuffed but wanted ice cream. That doesn't even make sense but we figured we would drive there and want it so to kill some time we went to Trader Joes and stocked up on wine. I mean STOCKED UP. Ryan let me pick out lots of chocolate too because he knows I'm not much of a beverage drinker, but I can down my chocolate. Love that man.
Okay, may sound weird but don't knock it until you try it!
Gelato was next... so amazing. I just love Kansas City, there's so much to do and it's such a nice city.
How can you not love those precious faces!?

We enjoyed our gelato outside and took turns racing each other to the other side of the turf and back. We're awesome.

Sunday we went to church which was one of the most emotional spiritual experiences I've had in a while, and truly felt close to the Lord (more on that later). Then we went to brunch and sadly had to hit the road back to Stillwater, America. We loved our mini vacation and were sad to leave but had an amazing time with people we love.

Looking forward to celebrating the 4th in just two days! It's going to be a quick week.

Until next time Kansas City,


  1. Your church experience this weekend sounds like mine. We'll have to swap stories later. Love you, friend :)

  2. I would love that. Love you! :)

  3. Awe, reading this totally has me in tears. I had a great time with you all too. I miss you terribly. Love you sis!