Monday, June 18, 2012

One day I'll have a real baby

This is normal, right?

Lately I've become obsessed with the dog park in town. When you don't have babies yet, your dog becomes your baby. You become so obsessed that you start making bow-ties and wishing it was more than a furry pet. Not only is the dog park only a few blocks away, but it it is such a fun thing for Kai and I. I've been getting off work around 4pm (which has been amazing) and then we go straight to the dog park when I come home.
So fast I can hardly capture him playing

Worn out. Playing with his best friend, Finn.

The thing I've found funny is conversation at a dog park. Everyone there has a common ground: a dog. No matter if it is a great dane, a pomeranian, or a poodle, there is something to talk about. I've left several evenings without knowing any people's names, but knowing all the dog's names. That's weird isn't it? But maybe normal for a dog park. Conversation becomes "oh, where did you get that collar?" "you made that?" to "how often do you feed your dog?" Are we really those crazy people that treat their dogs like babies?

I try to convince Ryan myself that Kai feels loved and that he was a shelter dog and deserves this love. I lavish all the love I can on this furry pet and I never thought I had the capacity to love an animal to this extent. I blame not having a real human baby to love. (yet).

One day I'll have a human to love on but for now I have a dog that I will love as much as I can.

Best furry buds.

Until then I'm that crazy dog lover,

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